Week 1 Review – Vegetables, Vegetables, Vegetables!

More vegetables eaten this week than in my entire life!


Okay, so the title may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not totally off base. With this “tray” diet, we are eating 6-8 cups a day of vegetables. Now, that’s a lot of chewing!


The positive, it has forced us to become resourceful in our cooking techniques, microwaving steam fresh bags only goes so far. It has been a great first week, with myself (Mike), down -5.2lbs and Liz down -8.0lbs!! Now, admittedly some of that is some binge eating weight we gained right before the diet began, but we still hope to build on this success.


The week started off with a bang, Bionic CrossFit raised over $1,700 on the Kill Cliff 24 Hour Challenge, we did the 2:30am shift to 10:30am… we were tired by the end, but motivated as this was our first day of the diet!


Fast-forward a few days, and it got difficult, not the cravings, but the side effects of detoxing. I struggled with terrible indigestion on day 2-3 while Liz felt frequent headaches appear. We were both drinking more water than usual, hydrated, but we still felt off. Needless to say, the lack of sugar and process foods in our diet was wreaking some temporary havoc on our bodies.


July 4th fell in our first week of our diet, what terrible timing! With a family BBQ planned by the pool we knew we had to be smart. We sucked it up though and brought our very own trays and lots of Seltzers to keep us hydrated with a tastier drink than water. First hurdle passed.


On Thursday we had the dreaded “bad day at work”, and of course it fell on our rest day. I had a rough day and didn’t have the outlet of the gym to de-stress, this was our second test of the diet in as many days, what helped? Liz was strong willed and we had food prepped. We just came home, kept busy, and ate our normal dinner, once you stop rewarding yourself with food, the better!


As we wrap up this week a few big things became apparent:

  • The detox is real
  • Drink lots of water
  • Try different cooking techniques
  • The gym is the easy part, best 1-1.5 hours of our day
  • Get ready to run the dish washer regularly
  • The most in-demand part of your fridge is the crisp/fresh drawers


We head into Week 2 extremely motivated, feeling much better with loads of energy and optimism. We went to the gym 6 of 7 days and each day got better and better as we settled into our new diet.


Look forward to sharing how our second week goes with some more detail on our shopping lists and costs of groceries.